PROJECT: DELISABATINI architetti  +  Jiho architects
YEAR: 2018
NAME: Creative Music & Sound Center for Youth, International Competition
CLIENT: Municipality of Seoul
COLLABORATOR: Arch. Luca Lanciotti
CONSULTANT: Arch. Rocco Smaldone


The task of the project is the realization of an attractive building for the citizens and open, also visually, to the city, in fact visibility and transparency characterize this project.
The project represents and exalts the youthful atmosphere that pervades it. It takes into account their sound world, favouring the formation of a stimulating environment.
The project shape is born from the intersection between two blocks, the first solid, introvert and “heavy” and the second transparent and extrovert, that intersect, contaminating each other.
The result is a parallelepiped partly solid and partly transparent that, setting back from the main road generates a lowered square. This place, facing the new building, is a quiet and welcoming area. It is designed with green areas and trees and is equipped with seating.
It is also the continuity of the glazed lobby of the building toward the city. From this square, there is the main entrance to the Music & Sound Center and to the Black Box.
The solid part is the core of the center. It holds all functions and activities of the school, distributed on five floors. The distributions, the connections (stairs and elevators), and the relax areas are outside this part of the building. They are, in fact, in the glazed part.
The transparent part, facing the main road, is a large glazed volume. It is a large space about 30meters high visually very permeable from the city.
The spatial continuity between the inside of the building and the outside is complete.
Expelled from the solid side, the staircase and elevators go up freely in the high space of the large atrium.
The staircase becomes an aerial and comfortable walk, with a low slope, that connects all the floors until the roof garden
It’ s a wide and equipped place, in fact it’s possible to host events related to the school but possibly also outside, without disturb the educational activities of the center.
The transparent part is crossed, as well as by stairs, by large and comfortable balconies bordering on the void. In these balconies, furnished with benches and sofas, social life of the students take place. They can discuss, relax and also play and sing.
The bottom of the glazed volume with a café and a green area with trees is the lobby for the Black Box and a place for rest and to socialize. For its dimension and its height, it is possible to organize events too.
From this large area, a sculptural white helical staircase leads to all the rooms of the school through large, splayed and coloured holes sink into the solid part, into the dark mass of the opaque
volume. Different colours identify different functional areas.
The black box, on the ground floor, is accessible from the outside through the large lobby.
For its position, it does not interfere with the activities of the school that happen on the upper floors.
The new building is a Low consumption building: The large atrium with technological glazing, works as a solar greenhouse in the winter months.
In addition, the photovoltaic glasses with amorphous silicon ensure the production of electricity and solar control in every season.